About Us

It all started at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas, Texas; the year was 2015. We were promoting our first product, a vitamin spray for focus and energy (taken by mouth). Everything was going great until a very drunk young man got his hands on our vitamin spray. We weren't sure if he was trying to sober up or how he got the sample, but what happened next changed everything.

It was almost like slow motion; this guy opens the pack (with pictures all over it) and proceeds to spray it directly in his eyes on purpose. He's running into everyone, screaming, and we all just stood there, watching in disbelief. A few seconds later, we helped him rinse his eyes and sent him on his way. Everyone joked and thought it was just a fluke, but the same thing happened about an hour later, and this time, we had to pull the plug on the vitamin spray.

As hard as it was to accept, we realized that people don't always understand everything, especially with new products. So, we went back to the drawing board and came up with something that everyone would understand. An unflavored drink mix that could help relieve stress and deliver focus/energy.

Smart Serum was born out of an unsmart moment, but that doesn't mean we were okay with getting defeated. Ultimately, that strange day in March created our excellent product, and we are forever grateful for that drunk guy who showed us the way.

Cheers to you and your future.

Avery Allen & The Miller Labs Team