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The Smart Serum

5 Pack - Smart Serum Drink Mix

5 Pack - Smart Serum Drink Mix

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Make any drink a SUPER DRINK with Smart Serum (including water).    It works, it's Awesome and it can be yours for $1.15 per serving. You get more bang for your buck than anywhere and it's always FREE SHIPPING!   What you see is what you pay.

"Goodbye stress and hello awesome!" Gabe h.  

Our special blend of active ingredients makes for a truly unique experience. Most people feel the effects in as little as 5 minutes, so get ready for the ride. 

* Always begin with 1/2 of a pack to assess tolerance.   Do not exceed more than 2 packs in 24 hours.

* Smart Serum Drink Mix contains caffeine comparable to 8 ounces of premium coffee. Limit products that contain caffeine to avoid nervousness, sleeplessness or occasional rapid heartbeat.
* Consult with you physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking anti-depressant medication.
* Not recommended for children.

Ingredients:   5 active ingredients and no preservatives-

Cane sugar, caffeine, phenylethylamine HCL, betaine anhydrous, dimethylaminoethanol, vincamine.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tina Fortun
This drink mix is bomb

I tried the sample and I was so impressed that I had to order myself more. Only complaint sell bigger packs. This really works

You are the bomb! Big thanks to you for trying our product! Thank you

Amber Sloan

Keeps me focused through the day. Definitely works.

Robert, you are the man! Thank you for writing a review and giving something extra to the review that helps others understand the feeling. Have a great day and thanks again!

Melody B.
Love it!!

Thank you so much for the sample!! This stuff works great! I was able to stay on track and accomplish a lot more throughout the day :)

Instant punch

Whoa, this nutramint is strong but it works! Great

Thank you sir!

David M
Great product!

Whoa, really works, no complaints here. Thank you

Thanks David!