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  • Superwoman

    I am always so tired so when I seen free samples of this smart serum I had to try it. It made me feel like superwoman I was able to get a bunch of house stuff done and not want to sleep all day. Thank you for creating smart serum

    - Ashley Miller
  • Amazing!

    I am telling you this little packet made all the difference in the world. The flavor is absolutely wonderful and I love that I can mix it with water so I’m hydrating at the same time as I’m energizing and focusing!

    - Melissa Schlichting
  • Tastes Good!

    Thank you so much for a great product & for letting me try it!!

    - Arlette Wilkinson
Stress Relief
Focus & Motivation
Memory & Productivity
Boosting Energy
Staying Alert
Feeling Better

Unflavored / Add to Anything!

No preservatives or artificial sweeteners.


Smart Serum blends potent nootropics with stress fighting ingredients. The combination makes for a brain boosting experience with a calming effect for total concentration.


Smart Serum is made under the strict guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. Our team uses Smart Serum daily. Ultra-premium ingredients and thousands of hours of research are in every pack of Smart Serum and it shows.


Smart Serum attacks stress by using the crucial ingredient PEA, a natural chemical found in the body. PEA has been clinically studied to help counteract signs of depression and anxiety.*


Clinical research shows that several of the brain boosting ingredients in Smart Serum enhance cognitive function and reduce anxiety. Proven results and tested ingredients make the one and only Smart Serum.


Smart Serum works 2X as fast as any drink / supplement. “I took it in place of my second cup of coffee and felt a noticeable lift in my alertness and mood within about 15 minutes.” Jerry H.


Smart Serum is proudly made under the highest standards in The United States of America - The Land of the free and the home of the brave!

Free Samples

We'll give you 2 Smart Serum -Go Packs- just pay shipping.

There's nothing like Smart Serum Drink Mix and we back that up with a 100% refund if you don't like it.

If we don't outperform any drink you're currently using, send us an email and we will refund your money. returns@thesmartserum.com

Smart Serum Drink Mix, Your Brain will Thank you!

Smart Serum Drink Mix

Natural Ingredients. Active Nootropics. Real Results.

It works, it's Awesome and it can be yours for less than 1 dollar per serving. You get more bang for your buck than anywhere!

"A Perfect blend of energy, focus and anxiety relief, really great product!"
- Josh C.

"Added to my daily routine, it makes my day go by faster and I feel great!"
- Katie P.

"How can something that small make that much of a difference? I'm a believer. This stuff works!"
- Jordan B.

"Just Wow, I am really surprised with the results! I feel really great and it worked fast."
- Taylor B.

Smart Serum may help you boost brain health, stay focused and feel better. The original and only brain booster that can be added to anything (including water). We'll keep your ready for anything with Smart Serum Drink Mix.

There's no harm in trying Smart Serum, it's only $1 each and it can be shipped today with no obligation or anything. Don't you want to see if it works?

Smart Serum - Your Brain will Thank You!

Smart Serum may help with stress relief, focus and energy.

A unique combination of potent ingredients that can be added to anything and not change the flavor. Smart Serum Drink Mix, Your Brain will Thank you!

Check out our short commercial and see if Smart Serum Drink Mix is right for you!